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Bank connect issues
Bank connect issues

(ABN Amro) Ik zie weliswaar mijn nieuwe saldo per vandaag maar niet wat er is afgeschreven. Zit er een vertraging op de verwerking van mutaties? Zo ja, waarom? Of hoor je zowel het saldo als de mutaties real-time te kunnen... (More)
My Rabobank transactions haven't been updated in +/- 7 days. Using the refresh button doesn't help, it gives the checkmark as if it updated, but my new transactions of the past week haven't been added.
When I refresh Transactions the app directs me to log back in to Bunq. After the process is completed the screen below appears. This is been happening for quite some time.
Bunq connection fail When connecting to a Bunq account, in the beginning everthying goes well. The authorisation in the Bunq app succeeds. But after that some of our users a redirected to the Dyme app and see a connection fail... (More)