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Asked a question 4 months ago

If Dyme has negotiated a discount for me for a contract and I have given permission to renegotiate to try to make a fixed discount,will Dyme automatically do so if the discount period ends or do I get a new request for a new or fixed discount in the Dyme app. Where's the difference with the upcoming new service Dyme Premium. Will Dyme premium also takes care about the current contract from the customer with the same conditions of the current contract to renegotiate the current contract and maturity for the best price/deal from your engergie supplier so that you don't have to switch to another supplier every time Can you please give me more details about Dyme standard and Dyme Premium does Dyme premium also Negotiate for a better price on the same contract and maturity if it applies for the contract with energy suppliers as example. Will i also pay a 30% commission with a maximum. or isn’t a commission applied to Dyme Premium. Maybe you can create a manual in difference languages to clarify the differences between Dyme standard and premium. Kindly regards, Geert Van Osch

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Hey Geert, thanks for your questions! I will try to answer them one by one:

  • If I understand your first question correctly, you are asking if we will automatically renegotiate your contract again after we did so before. The answer is: We will not automatically renegotiate again, without your explicit permission.
  • We will be offering the first version of Premium shortly. The differences between Premium and non-Premium will be explained more thoroughly in the app. However, I can already tell you that this first version will not change anything about the negotiation service.

I hope I answered your questions. If not, feel free to reach out to us through [email protected]8 (in Dutch or English)



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