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Na de laatste update ziet de app er bij mij zo uit. Is dit bekend bij jullie? Wanneer komt er weer een update?
Hi Dyme
I had applied for the car insurance check for cheaper option. I mentioned all my details to my knowledge. The specialist advisor called me for some questions and already informed the advisor that I have already a better deal and moved to a newer option. And gave her my new amount as well. But she still has quoted me a different insurance. And dyme has raised an auto debit of the difference and according to the email from support assistant Sarah i am to coordinate with the new provider for cancellation. :(
I see a gap here. May i know why couldn't the advisor understand and cancel the request ? Now I have to go through so much of confusion and time waste.

PS : I appreciate the efforts you put on getting me a discount with KPN . Was very happy with the service all went smooth.
Hi, whenever I go to transactions, the app crashes. I guess one option is to reinstall the app, but will I keep my categories that I assigned manually after that operation? Cheers

OnePlus 6 with Android 10
Dyme 4.0.0